BioSculpture Technology, Inc. Private Placement

BST now has numerous pipeline products under development and 21 pending international andU.S.patent applications with claims relating to:

    • Improved TCAL designs for more efficient aspiration;
    • Synchronization of tumescence and bipolar cautery with aspiration;
    • Collection, concentration, processing, and reinjecting syringes and in-line chambers and methods;
    • Endoscopic fat removal devices and methods for treating abdominal obesity, metabolic syndrome, and type II Diabetes Mellitus.
    • An internet-based network supporting the harvesting, photoactivation, cataloguing, tracking, and managing of aspirated fat tissue samples including stem cells.
    • Device and method for photo-activating an aspirated sample of tissue within a tissue collection and processing system.              

            You can view BST product offerings, read a white paper discussing clinical results, a surgical video of them in use, and illustrative animations of twin cannula reciprocation and the Airbrush(R) Liposculptor II on the company website

             BST has engaged the Maxim Group as its investment banker to make a private placement of $10 Million Dollars its equity for the company’s expansion.

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