BioSculpture Technology, Inc. has an important new patent issue.

January 11, 2013

January 8, 2013 – BioSculpture Technology’s licensed patent portfolio is strengthened by the issuance of U.S. Patent 8,348,929 B2Method of and Apparatus for Treating Abdominal Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome in Human Patients.

2/3 of the U.S. population is overweight and 1/3 is frankly obese.   43% of minorities are overweight today and 43% of the general population isf forecast to be obese in 10 years.  As 80% of obese patients develop type 2 Diabetes mellitus which is the leading cause of renal failure and a frequent cause of blindness, obesity is at the core of America’s burgeoning health care cost crisis.

This patent teaches a method and apparatus for endoscopic removal of visceral fat in a minimally invasive procedure that does not involve cutting into the bowel or leaving behind a foreign body.  As such it has the potential of replacing gastric restrictive surgeries (Lap Band or gastric sleeve procedures) or intestinal bypass procedures (roux-en-Y) with a less invasive procedure less fraught with potential complications and sequelae.  Insulin regulating drugs and hypertensive medication may not be needed as the metabolic syndrome is altered.

Visceral fat is a noxious hormone factory which “latches” the body into an abnormally low metabolic rate, an insulin resistant, hungry condition with inflammatory cytokines promoting heart attacks, strokes, autoimmune diseases and cancers.  Removal of small amounts of visceral fat helps the body return to a higher metabolic rate, have lowered insulin resistance, and the patient be less hungry.  A “multiplier” effect may follow with the loss of 7-10x as much body fat.  And the procedure may be repeated as needed without the risk of creating nutritional cripples.

At the very least this patent paves the way for less invasive alternatives which may supplement current modalities.


BioSculpture Technology, Inc. Private Placement

March 21, 2012

BST now has numerous pipeline products under development and 21 pending international andU.S.patent applications with claims relating to:

    • Improved TCAL designs for more efficient aspiration;
    • Synchronization of tumescence and bipolar cautery with aspiration;
    • Collection, concentration, processing, and reinjecting syringes and in-line chambers and methods;
    • Endoscopic fat removal devices and methods for treating abdominal obesity, metabolic syndrome, and type II Diabetes Mellitus.
    • An internet-based network supporting the harvesting, photoactivation, cataloguing, tracking, and managing of aspirated fat tissue samples including stem cells.
    • Device and method for photo-activating an aspirated sample of tissue within a tissue collection and processing system.              

            You can view BST product offerings, read a white paper discussing clinical results, a surgical video of them in use, and illustrative animations of twin cannula reciprocation and the Airbrush(R) Liposculptor II on the company website

             BST has engaged the Maxim Group as its investment banker to make a private placement of $10 Million Dollars its equity for the company’s expansion.

IN3 Medical Device Conference March 2, 2012 in Orlando

March 21, 2012

  BST was invited to present an update of its progress at Elsevier’s IN3 Medical Device 360 degrees March 2, 2012 at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando Grande Lakes in Orlando, Florida.

BST Aggressively Attacks Belly Fat

March 21, 2012

Aggressively attacking belly fat, with Cinch It(TM) promotions, BST is currently selling products which allow improvement of the Waist-to-Hips Ratio (WHR) associated with metabolic syndrome, an increased incidence of coronary heart disease. and type II Diabetes Mellitus by removing fat outside the abdomen with TCAL LVL.  BST is also developing fourth generation twin cannula devices which will permit endoscopically guided, safe laparoscopic removal of the even more harmful visceral fat within the abdomen (Endoscopic Visceral Lipectomy or EVL) in a minimally invasive fashion and on January 20, 2012, BST received Notice of Allowance of  U.S. Patent Application #12/462,596 filed 8/5/09 and titled “Endoscopically-guided tissue aspiration system for safely removing fat tissue from a patient.”

IN3 East Conference in Boston on June 9-11

May 29, 2010

BioSculpture Technology, Inc. was invited to present at theIN3 East Medical Innovations Conference in Boston on June 9-11, 2010.  It offers a great opportunity for large and small medical device manufacturers to mingle with investors. We’ll be presenting on June 11th.